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My Story

I am the father of two girls and keen golfer. After having fun taking our eldest daughter to golf, once she was old enough to sit on the buggy, I thought I would take it to the next level with our second daughter. I made a contraption, as my partner described it, that attached golf clubs to our stroller. It worked great, I played more golf than I did before kids, my handicap improved by 5 shots and we had some good daddy/daughter time. I even got some brownie points because mum got a break.

I got a lot of positive comments about the idea, however, it was only suitable for our stroller and bulky. After many prototypes made from pillowcases, chicken feed bags and wood, I worked out a system that fits most strollers, adjusts with the stroller, rolls up for convenient storage and also works as a travel/range bag – the Baby Caddie was born!

Since then it’s been a long process of working with people who know what they are doing to refine the design, get the patent, find manufacturers, etc, so it’s ready for you.


PS – thanks to all the people who have purchased a Baby Caddie – we hope you enjoy using it as much as we do.

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