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BABY CADDIE- HONEST REVIEW – Reviewed by: Budget Golf Reviews

Published: 04 Oct 2023

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As a Dad with young kids, I have always dreamed about being able to get out and enjoy the great outdoors with my kids and still get to play the game I love. Before I found out about the Baby Caddie, I tried several ways to golf with my toddler and the best solution was to push the stroller and carry my golf bag.

That was a strenuous workout and my energy and golf game seemed to decline after about 7 or 8 holes. I enjoy working out and lifting regularly so the physical strain never bothered me, but I wanted a more efficient solution to be able to get my kids to enjoy golf and not wear myself out doing it.

Then came along this ingenious solution from Ben in the creation of the Baby Caddie. He created a collapsible “golf bag” that fits between the handles of any stroller. It has a towel loop, 2 individual storage pouches, and 6 grommet holes to store clubs in (website says up to 12 clubs, I could only fit 8). It can also be used as a range bag or travel bag without the stroller.


The Baby Caddie is made for those parents who can’t sneak a quick 9 holes in without the kids or are looking to give their significant other a break.

The Baby Caddie is a golf bag that attaches between the stroller handles. It has 6 grommet holes in the top for golf clubs and 2 pockets for golf accessories. It also comes with a strap that you can convert it to a very light carry bag similar to a “Sunday bag”.


This is a great product for moms and dads with busy lives. It was easy to use, and took seconds to install on the stroller.

However, it will be a deal breaker for those who have to golf with a full set of clubs (I could only fit 8 standard grips in mine). If I’m being honest though, if you are bringing your kids to the course don’t expect an efficient or productive round/range session. There are several tips and tricks golfing with babies and toddlers make your round as fun as possible with your kids!


Gives you ability to golf, spend quality time with your kids, and get good exercise!
Works great on single and double strollers, takes seconds to install or to put away into carrying case.
Only weighs 1.8 pounds and folds up into a small bag for easy storage in your trunk or closet!
Can also use as a carry bag for quick sessions to the range
Can not carry full set of clubs (8 clubs with standard size grips)
Pockets could be a little bigger, may not be enough room for those who have a loaded bag full of balls, gloves, tees, etc.
Bag tips towards legs of the golfer. Slightly annoying as you may have to change your gait to avoid bag hitting your legs with every stride.

Read Review Here!

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