You might remember reading my review of the Baby Caddie back in May. For context, my son was six months old, and I’d just gone back to work. So I hadn’t played much golf thanks to a fun combination of no sleep, limited time and general mum-guilt.

If you didn’t manage to read it, here’s the quick version … Baby Caddie is a golf bag that hangs between the handles of your baby’s pram or pushchair. And whilst there were a few things I thought could have been improved (I’ll come on to those), overall I loved it and the flexibility it offered in being able to take my son to the course with me.

Fresh air for both of us and the chance for me to play a bit more golf – winner, winner.

So you can imagine my delight when Ben from Baby Caddie got in touch to say they’d considered what I’d written and made some enhancements to the product.

More club storage

In my review, I mentioned that I’d only been able to fit six clubs comfortably in the Baby Caddie. It was a good way to practice, but I would prefer to play with a full set – or as close to it as possible.

Now the holes of the Baby Caddie have been made bigger, meaning you can fit up to four clubs in each and carry a full seat with ease.

Better connection to the pushchair

With the original Baby Caddie attached to my pushchair, I found it a bit difficult to push. No matter what way around I put the clubheads, they wouldn’t stay in place. That meant the Baby Caddie leaned at an angle towards my legs, getting in the way of pushing the pram.

One of the improvements the team has made is to add a loop at the bottom of the Baby Caddie, meaning it doesn’t get in the way when you’re walking and pushing the pram.

Better with age

I haven’t taken the new Baby Caddie for a spin yet, but I have used the original a few times since I first tried. And what I will say is that the product gets better as your baby gets older.

My son can now be fully bribed (and kept quiet) with snacks, which helps a lot. And his nap times are far more predictable which means I can plan rounds in a bit easier.

I do still have some safety concerns, which have nothing really to do with the product and more to do with just the worry of my son getting hit by an errant shot. However, I think the Baby Caddie will really come into its own as he reaches toddler age and beyond.

I got him a set of plastic clubs for his 1st birthday and he loves walking around and whacking the ball – and anything else in his path – already. I’m really excited for when I can take him to the golf club and he hop out of his pram, hit a few shots (or try to at least) and hop back in his pram when he’s tired.

I’ll keep you posted in the future!

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