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Most. The Baby Caddie has been designed to fit between the handles of most strollers and can be adjusted to suit. It may not be suitable for very small light weight or very wide double/twin strollers.

The design of the Baby Caddie also allows it to move with the stroller, so it works when the stroller is in a bassinet, forward facing, rear facing or lying down configuration.

If you have any doubts, please get in contact 

The features of the new Baby Caddie design include:

  • Larger holes that fit up to 4 clubs each, making it easy to fit a full set
  • A loop at the base to secure it to the stroller, if needed
  • Ring inserts and end caps that are more securely attached

The Baby Caddie has some pockets which could hold baby stuff but they are intended to hold golf balls, tees, phone, keys, etc. The Baby Caddie keeps the undercarriage basket of the stroller free to store a lunch box, drink/bottle, toys, nappies, change mat, etc. Or, if you prefer, the Baby Caddie still works with a baby bag hung over the stroller handle.

To adjust and attach the Baby Caddie to your stroller, simply:

  • Adjust the straps at either end, using the buckles, to suit the width of your stroller – you only need to do this once. The loop buckle should just touch the inside of the stroller handle.
  • Attach the straps securely to the stroller by wrapping the velcro straps around the handle and threading it through the loop buckle. The frame should be level or hang just below the handle of the stroller.
  • Insert the clubs, golf balls, tees, etc.
  • Turn all the clubs so the head of the club is leaning/pointing towards the rear of the stroller. The counter balance of the club should make the base of the bag lean into the stroller. If this does not work, there is a loop at the base of the bag to secure it to the stroller.

The installation instructions and videos show how to adjust and setup the Baby Caddie but please get in contact, if you have any questions

Yes. The design of the Baby Caddie allows it to move with the stroller, so it works when the stroller is in a bassinet, forward facing, rear facing or lying down configuration.

Unlikely. In our trials on a variety of strollers, the Baby Caddie has not caused the stroller to tip over and that’s without a baby. Once the stroller has the extra weight of a baby and baby stuff in it, it is very unlikely to tip over.

Unlikely. The Baby Caddie has velcro straps that secure tightly around the handles to prevent slipping. This may not work if the handles are smooth metal but there are ways to fix this.

When in use the Baby Caddie is about 75cm (29in) long, 36cm (14in) wide and 7cm (3in) deep. When rolled up in the storage bag it is about 40cm (15in) long, 15cm (6in) wide and 15cm (6in) deep. It weighs 0.7kg (1.5lbs).

It has six holes for clubs which are 4.2cm (1.5in) by 4.6cm (1.8in) and fit up to 4 clubs each.

The top pocket is 25cm (10in), 12cm (5in) by 4cm (1.5in) and fits phone, keys, wallet, etc

The bottom pocket is 25cm (10in), 15cm (5in) by 6cm (2.5in) and fits at least 10 balls. It also has an internal pocket for tees.

It has 6 holes for clubs and each hole fits up to 4 clubs, so it easily fits a full set of golf clubs and, in theory, could fit 24 – if you need that many?!

No. The Baby Caddie currently only comes in black.

Yes. The bag is made from polyester so it can be easily cleaned. Using soapy water and a clean, damp cloth, wipe down the bag. Rinse the cloth in clean water, wring, and repeat to remove any remaining soapy residue.

As with most things, there are risks and having babies on golf courses is no exception. The chance of being hit is very low but it could happen. The sides of the stroller offer some protection but other tips to help reduce the risk are:

  • Play outside peak periods on the golf course
  • Always be aware of others on the course, so you know when and where errant balls may come from
  • Always have the stroller behind the line of the ball
  • Face the stroller away from the direction of the ball or oncoming balls

We have contacted the Australian PGA, England Golf and USGA regarding the use of Baby Caddie. The Australian PGA and England Golf were supportive while USGA didn’t respond. We have also shown the Baby Caddie to a range of golf courses from small casual courses to more prestigious courses and all have thought it was a good idea. We can’t guarantee all courses will allow the Baby Caddie but our experience suggests the chances are they will, especially if you play outside peak periods.

A crying baby is never good! While a crying baby is possible, if playing outside peak times, it shouldn’t cause too much disruption. While we are sure you’ll have your own tricks, some of our tips are:

  • Play outside peak times
  • Play when it’s your baby’s sleep time
  • Take some of your baby’s favourite snacks
  • Take some toys for the baby to play with
  • When the bub is older, take some toy clubs and give them a putt
  • As a last resort, giving them a dummy or phone can work

While the bub may cause some disruptions, if you go with the intent of spending some quality time with the bub and giving your partner a break, getting to play a few holes will be a bonus and everyone wins!

 If you have any other questions please get in touch

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