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Kid Caddie

The difference between Baby Caddie and Kid Caddie

Published: 04 May 2023

The difference between Baby Caddie and Kid Caddie! Which is best for you

If you’re a golfing parent, you may have heard of two popular products to attach golf clubs to your stroller – Baby Caddie and Kid Caddie. Both products offer an innovative solution to help parents bring their child along for a round of golf. But which one is the better option? Here’s a product comparison between Baby Caddie and Kid Caddie:

Baby Caddie

Baby Caddie is a golf bag that hangs between the handle of a stroller. It stores up to 18 clubs, has a towel loop and two pockets for balls, tees, phone, keys, etc. It rolls up for convenient storage and can be used as a carry bag/range bag on its own.

Kid Caddie

Kid Caddie is a plastic frame that hangs from the handle of a stroller, with the head of the clubs resting on the frame and the grips sitting in the undercarriage. It holds up to 18 clubs, golf balls, tees and markers. It also has additional add-ons for a drink holder, score card holder, wallet holder, etc.

1. Price – One of the key differences between the two products is price. Baby Caddie is only $105 USD compared to Kid Caddie at $119.99 USD. On top of that, Baby Caddie offers free worldwide shipping, making it a more affordable option for golfing parents.
2. Compatibility – Both Baby Caddie and Kid Caddie are designed to attach to a stroller. However, they differ in how they work and their compatibility with different types of strollers. Baby Caddie hangs between the handle of the stroller and can be adjusted to various widths. This allows it to move and work with bassinet, forward facing, rear facing or lying down configurations of most strollers. It also leaves the undercarriage free to store baby gear (toys, food, bottles, nappies, clothes, etc) and works with a baby bag hung over the handle of the stroller. While the Baby Caddie can be used on wide double/twin strollers, it is more suited to single width strollers. The Kid Caddie also works with most strollers but it relies on the grips of the clubs having access to the undercarriage of the stroller, which may limit its compatibility with some strollers and configurations. It also limits the use of the undercarriage for storing baby gear or hanging a baby bag over the handle of the stroller. The Kid Caddie is good for larger twin/double strollers.
3. Durability – While the Baby Caddie and Kid Caddie are made from different materials, they are both high-quality and are able to withstand the wear and tear of regular use.
4. Portability – The Baby Caddie rolls up into a small storage bag, making it easy to transport and store when not in use. Kid Caddie is a hard plastic frame and while fairly small, it may be more difficult to transport and store.
5. Ease of Use – While they both provide different solutions, both Baby Caddie and Kid Caddie are easy to attach to a stroller and use. Depending on the type of stroller and configuration, it may be a little difficult to thread the club grip through the Kid Caddie frame and into the undercarriage. The straps on the Baby Caddie may require some adjustment to fit your stroller but this is only required the first time. Once the clubs are in the Baby Caddie, they can all be moved together, while everything needs to be moved individually with the Kid Caddie.

Overall, both Baby Caddie and Kid Caddie offer innovative solutions for parents who want to bring their child along for a round of golf. However, Baby Caddie is the better option overall for golfing parents who value affordability, durability, portability, versatility, and ease of use. With a lower price point, free worldwide shipping, and a more versatile and portable design, Baby Caddie is the perfect solution for parents who want to balance their love of golf with their responsibilities as a parent. Try Baby Caddie today and experience the perfect balance of parenthood and golfing!

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