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The New and Improved Baby Caddie

Published: 06 Dec 2023

The Baby Caddie, a popular choice for golfing parents, has recently undergone a significant revamp. Originally designed to hang between the handles of a baby’s pram or pushchair, it allowed parents to take their child along while they played golf. The revamp has introduced several notable improvements, making it an even more appealing option for golf-loving parents.

Enhanced Storage Capacity

One of the standout improvements in the revamped Baby Caddie is its increased storage capacity. Previously accommodating only six clubs comfortably, the redesigned Baby Caddie now features enlarged holes, each capable of holding up to four clubs. This means parents can carry a full set of golf clubs with ease, without compromising the comfort of their child.


Improved Attachment Mechanism

Another key upgrade is the improved attachment mechanism to the stroller. The original version sometimes hindered maneuverability, but the addition of a loop at the base of the Baby Caddie has resolved this issue. This new design ensures the Baby Caddie doesn’t get in the way when walking and pushing the stroller, enhancing the overall user experience.

More secure fittings

A less obvious but important improvement is the fittings have been made more secure which has improved the durability and life of the Baby Caddie.

A Comparison with Kid Caddie

When compared to its competitor, the Kid Caddie, the Baby Caddie stands out in several aspects:

Versatility with Adjustable Straps: The Baby Caddie comes with adjustable straps, making it compatible with most strollers, whether forward-facing, rear-facing, or bassinet setups. This versatility is a significant advantage over Kid Caddies more limited adaptability.

Efficient Use of Space: With its design, the Baby Caddie allows for the stroller basket to remain free for baby essentials, a thoughtful feature that acknowledges the numerous items parents need to carry.

All in one: Once the golf clubs are placed in the Baby Caddie, everything can be moved together, an area where Kid Caddie may not offer as much convenience.

Conversion to Carry Bag: The ability to convert the Baby Caddie into a handy carry bag adds to its functionality, offering more than just a golf club carrier for a stroller.

Additional Storage: The Baby Caddie also includes pockets for a phone, wallet, and golf gear, which is not only convenient but also eliminates the need for an additional bag.

Compact Storage: This Baby Caddie can be rolled up into a small storage bag, making it easy to transport and store when not in use.

Extra Features: Additional thoughtful features like a golf towel loop further enhance the Baby Caddie’s utility.

Ideal Gift Option: The combination of these features makes the Baby Caddie not just a practical solution for golfing parents but also a perfect gift idea.

In summary, while both the Baby Caddie and Kid Caddie aim to address the needs of golfing parents, the Baby Caddie’s recent upgrades and comprehensive features set it apart, making it a superior choice. Its thoughtful design, addressing both golfing needs and parenting convenience, truly makes it an innovative solution in the realm of sporting accessories for parents.


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